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A dysfunctional love story that explores the fluid nature of intimacy, independence, and bodily functions, while asking how much you can -- and should -- you change for the one you love?

"Snappy and obscene, Randy Ross’s novel The Squid and the Spaceman lays out the wonders and woes of dating in middle age." Rating: 4 out of 5

-- Foreword Clarion Reviews

"A comic performer, still single in his 50s, begins a new relationship that challenges his need for space in Ross' novel." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Randy Ross's writing skill is top shelf. The Squid and the Spaceman features a strong protagonist, reminiscent of a Neil Simon play. Seriously entertaining!"

-- William Burleson, Publisher, Flexible Press


The Squid and the Spaceman  is a contemporary novel that combines the romantic dysfunction of Jonathan Tropper with the dark humor of Sam Lipsyte. Squid features a fringe festival, a fetish conference, and a unique take on committed relationships –- they’re not for everyone and that’s OK.

It’s 2015 and Boston is being colonized by gendertrenders, biotech hipsters, and artisanal pickle shops. Two tone-deaf fifty-somethings, unhappy with the city’s transformation, meet and fall in love.

Randall is chronically single. Jackie doesn’t date men; she marries them. He’s Jewish and trying to reinvent himself as an artist. She’s Chinese-American and drives a muscle car. Both are struggling with their ethnic identities and worry they’ve aged out of the local dating pool. Both fear that this relationship is their last chance for happiness.

After four months of dating, Randall develops insomnia and Jackie develops an ulcer. Because Randall has never been married, they both agree he’s the problem. He locates a therapist, Dr. Byrnes, who creates a plan for turning him into marriage material. On Byrnes’ suggestion, Randall and Jackie attend a fetish conference to resuscitate their middle-aged sex life. Can compromise, active listening, and a sphincter harness save their relationship? 

Available October 2024

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An unflinching look at how men feel about sex, love, marriage, and massage parlors. A gritty, bittersweet romantic comedy and must-read for fans of Jonathan Tropper, Jess Walter, and Sam Lipsyte.

"A very entertaining story about a guy who sets out to change his life..."
-- Booklist

"...this story of a flawed character’s midlife crisis becomes an easy one to relate to."

-- Kirkus Reviews

"...consistently funny account of a middle-aged Jewish man’s adventures in some of the worst locales imaginable."

-- The Jewish Post


God Bless Cambodia follows the picaresque adventures of Randall Burns -- 48, chronically-single, and recently downsized out of a long-time job. Burns is not your typical ramblin' man. He hates public toilets, loud noises, weird smells, and people who sweat.

Nevertheless, he’s tired of wasting his time pounding away on as if it were a game of Whac-A-Mole. Prodded by fears of dying alone and snarky emails from ex-girlfriend Ricki, Burns succumbs to the promises of a travel guidebook. He blows his severance on a trip around the world hoping to change his luck with love. 

On the trip, Burns strikes out with women on three continents and suffers loneliness that would have broken Papillon. The only thing that keeps him from returning home is Ricki, who continues to email, declaring her certainty that he's having a rotten time and won’t last another week. She recounts his failures as a boyfriend, lover, and human being. 

On the fourth continent, Burns accepts that he's going to die alone and the sooner, the better. He bungee-jumps, eats food from street carts, and visits a body spa named "The Curious Finger." He lets go of his germophobia and his quest for a woman, and begins to enjoy himself. Ricki emails again. She’s now on antidepressants and sorry for her past behavior. Is his luck with love about to change?

God Bless Cambodia

By Randy Ross

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ISBN: 978-1945671371

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